How to get out of a reading slump

It can be hard when you are an avid reader and suddenly you find yourself not wanting to pick up a book, or not finding the motivation to finish your currant to be read list. 

Below, I have listed five possible ways to help you get out of that mood. But remember, everyone is different. It could be that your not enjoying your current read, or find yourself so exhausted with everything else in your life that you do not find yourself able to wind down and read. Just don’t give you — you’ll find your mojo again. 

  1. Choose a book you’ve already read and loved

Sometimes revisiting a book you know you enjoyed can help you fall back in love with reading all over again. Journeying back to that story and those characters you were gripped on can make you excited to visit other stories. Even though you know what happened, it can almost put the pressure off to keep reading to find out what happened. You already know the big plot twist, so it’s just heading back to that world where you found joy before.

2. Choose a small book, not a large one that can be intimidating. 

When looking at a big six hundred page book it can seem nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not feeling the motivation to read for a decent length of time. So choose a smaller book, something that will feel quick to read and you won’t feel guilty if you only want to sit and read for a few minutes. Once you feel yourself getting more into the reading flow, that’s when you can go and pick up that big epic fantasy you’ve been wanting to get to. 

3. Try a different genre

It could be that you’ve grown bored of the same old stories and you didn’t even know it. Sometimes when you read the same genre, you can find the journey becoming a bit predictable as you’ve only finished something not too dissimilar right before picking up this new one. So go ahead, choose a different genre. If you normally love thriller, perhaps pick up a comedy. If you love fantasy, maybe go ahead with a romance. It could also be the same with target audiences. If you read more of the adult style, maybe go for a younger age group as you might find it easier to get into. 

4. Visit a book shop or library 

Now, this is not me saying go out and spend money on lots of books or get a load out of the library and then forget all about them. But sometimes when I feel itching to read, I like to head into a book shop and being surrounded by hundreds of books can help me feel motivated to go home and pick up my latest read. Being surrounded by stunning covers and reading plenty of blurbs could give you the final push to settle down and get to another story. 

5. Switch up the format of how you read 

Perhaps it’s not the story itself that is holding you back, but the way you discover it. If you’re someone who constantly reads on e-books, perhaps it’s the idea of staring down at a screen that is keeping you away. Maybe try an audio book. This can help if your feeling a lot of stress and don’t think you have the time to sit down and read. You can listen while your busy doing something else, or when your walking somewhere or driving. It doesn’t even feel like your having to try and get into a book, it’s suddenly there and you’re exploring it. Similarly, you could go out and buy a paperback. I’m someone who loves a physical book in my hand, and being able to flip through the pages. If this isn’t you, maybe give it a go and seeing the book on your shelf might give that little push to pick it up. 

Just remember, there is nothing wrong if you just don’t feel like picking up a book. If you need a break, take it. The characters and stories will still be there waiting when you’re ready to pick them up again. 

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